BBL Hero

BBL Hero Light Therapy

Treat a range of skin conditions with our BBL Hero pulsed light therapy. Broad Band Light is the step from commonly known IPL, delivering a safer and more effective skin rejuvenating treatment. Having been studied by Stanford University in the USA for 10 years, there is certified science backing this revolutionary technology. Developed by Sciton; industry leaders in aesthetic light technologies, this non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatment targets skin concerns including:
  • Pigmentations: skin damage, lesions, freckles, melasma management, dark eye circles
  • Redness: sun damage, capillaries, angiomas and flushing
  • Skin texture: wrinkles, superficial lines, pore reduction, scarring
  • Acne: including chest and back
  • Ageing: cell management at a molecular level
  • The treatment is also an option for permanent hair reduction.
Read the stanford study

*$3 sustainable fee applied to each treatment

BBL Hero

BBL uses light wavelength energy to stimulate skin cell regeneration which works hand in hand with skin cell renewal. This has a cascade reaction within the skin of collagen and elastin production, contributing to tightening and plumping the skin. Unlike traditional IPL, BBL Hero delivers treatments 4x faster with 3x peak power and 2x the cooling effect of traditional IPL. Non-invasive and gentle, BBL Hero is a fast, comfortable yet effective solution with minimal downtime.

Experience visible  results within a week!


Targeted light therapy to flush out uneven colour, think sun damage in the way of pigmented lesions, age spots and freckles as well as vascular damage, capillaries and cherry angiomas. The response created within your skin leaves you with a beautifully clear, smooth and vibrant complexion.

Forever Young+ is your key to fighting the signs of ageing. Forever Young BBL was studied by Stanford University over a 10 year period and was proven to show a change in the expression of genes associated with ageing, longevity and increased lifespan- literally reversing the signs of ageing! Treating a wide range of skin conditions Forever Young+ skin rejuvenation leaves your skin with a refreshed and youthful appearance.

Using a combination of blue, red and near infrared red light sources, we target infection, inflammation and promote healing within the skin. This cutting edge treatment allows us to comfortably and effectively treat acne with no downtime. Results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks.

The natural production of collagen and elastin in our face and body diminishes over time, enter wrinkles and sagging. Skintyte generates heat within the skin, stimulating the replacement of lost collagen and elastin with healthy cells triggering an unbelievably firming and tightening response. Ah-mazing for the eye area, lower face (jowls) and neck, this revolutionary technology can be used all over the body.

Treating sun damage is not just reserved for the face. Forever Body BBL Hero will target and flush out unwanted colour, both hyperpigmentation and vascluar concerns brought on by years of sun exposure. Amazing for the neck and chest, this treatment can also be used very successfully all over the body: Full body skin rejuvenation is now easily accessible with minimal downtime and maximum results. 

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